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No frogs, no happily ever after, but... a curse?


Prince Zane, once a courteous prince, struggles with a curse cast onto him by a spiteful voodoo priestess.


Surrounded by people who will never understand what happened to him and why he is the way his shadow perceives him to be, he is misunderstood. Although being misunderstood and scuffling with an egocentric shadow that shares his body with him, he hasn't succumbed to its abrupt befalls, overwhelming outbursts, and degrading remarks to him.


After a frightening accident occurs between him and his crush, he yearns to attempt to find a way to undo the curse, after the first time was unsuccessful. When he receives a note from a friend, Princess Charlotte, the same night and quickly discovers she also has powers, the pair plan to find the woman who cursed him. But not without a bit of practice first...

The Onyx Coronet

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