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Leilani Iris Dream Graceffa is a self-published author, photographer, and creator of Bermuda & Azula, born on May 17th, 2000, and raised in the Southern coastal, historical city, Savannah, Georgia; where she describes half of the city's population as ghosts.

Leilani has self-published her first book (seven months after graduating high school) in December of 2018 called Past, Present, Alternative: Nightfall, following it with its sequel, Past, Present, Alternative: Midnight, in 2019, then seven more books; finishing in October of 2020 with her final and recent book, The New Zealand Cartel.

Aside from writing and publishing, photography is one of her hobbies; every trip she goes on, she takes many pictures to create memories and capture things she finds beautiful.

In August of 2019, she created a Duality Pair called Bermuda & Azula, consisting of two insects; Bermuda, an Atlas Moth, and his cousin and lighter counterpart Azula, a Papilio Ulysses Butterfly, personifying her belief in Dualism.

While writing and publishing, she uncovered her connection and interest in Spirituality and Tarot, quickly learning about the contents of Spirituality and Tarot cards and how to use them.

Currently sitting with everything she has created, one of her biggest hopes is for people to learn from the many important lessons she has instilled in her works.

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