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August 20, 2019 (Fantasy Fiction)

What would you do if you discovered a mermaid?

In this meagre tale, the perspectives of three characters, a mermaid, a circus owner and an employee of his, are told, and a shameful secret gets unveiled by the owner.

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October 28, 2022 (Fanfiction/Fantasy Fiction)

'Am I making the right choice... helping him?'

Sent to land to adapt to human life three years earlier, Marie, a powerful 20-year-old Semi-Mer, is assigned her second and last task after successfully learning how to disguise her nautical origin with the help of her parents and best friends. With the main reason for her given role purposely concealed from her, she curiously follows along with her given order: to find a man named Eren Jaeger. Intentionally left with little information on him to help enhance her intuition, the conclusion of a generational mission begins.

While hanging out at a festival in Liberio with one of her best friends, Analise, they're briefly called over by the third member of their trio, Alice. Attempting to catch up with Analise, Marie accidentally runs into a soldier and knocks him down-quickly helping him back up and apologizing, she takes a long look at his face when he turns his head to look at her.

Accompanying Analise to visit her father in a hospital later that day, she finds the same soldier in another room and approaches him to apologize once more, striking a small conversation with him before turning around to leave, only for him to abruptly catch her by her arm to stop her, claiming to need her help.

Mermaid Stories/Fanfictions: About


March 22, 2023 (Fanfiction/Fantasy Fiction)

‘They didn’t tell me everything was going to start this soon.’

Nine years after being sent from Paradis Island to live with her aunt Alanis in Marley and being placed in combat training to infiltrate the Marleyan military, Valkylie ‘Kylie’ Mason is wedged between fulfilling her mission for the restoration of Eldia and following what she was trained for, assisting her Marleyan comrades and the further advancement of Marley’s empire.

Almost completely forgetting the main reason why she’s there in the first place while being occupied as one of the most revered turret gunners on the battlefields, she returns from the war at Fort Slava to an impending issue that is reminded to her by Alanis and her coven. The forthcoming actions of someone else from Paradis Island, the inheritor of the Founding Titan, Eren Jaeger.

Realizing and eventually accepting the sealed fates of her comrades, Marley, and the world around them after being forced to return to Paradis, she quickly goes through with her aunt’s set plan before The Rumbling, leaving the Marleyan military and her comrades to fend for themselves against Paradis.

Mermaid Stories/Fanfictions: About


September 3, 2023 (Fanfiction/Romance)

Growing weary of the career path she was once fond of, Arivai finally decides to carry out her plan to get a well needed break from her career as a singer and performer.

Left to make a choice between her thriving music career and laying low for a normal life with a traditional job, she escapes the suffocating control of her manager to go back to live with her parents, unaware of a troublesome hurdle with choosing to return to her hometown.

After two weeks of staying with her parents and searching for local jobs, she eventually gets hired for an assistant position, accidentally getting herself caught in the minefield of a tumultuous rivalry.

Mermaid Stories/Fanfictions: About
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