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Silence can be a fatal choice, but so can speaking up. Would you stay silent and keep your own life at risk or speak up and risk the lives of the ones you love?


Almost a year after graduating from university and first meeting her older half-brother, Ian Daughtry, Raelynn is willing to stick around longer with him and their mother in his house in Nova Scotia. Ian, seen as reticent and often a bit pessimistic, begins to grow out of his protective integument for her as her openness and honesty prevail him. However, just as things start to take a wrong turn, he tries to deduct his once peaceful solitude.

Raelynn briskly gets involved, providing indemnity for herself and her brother from their mother. Moreover, cutting all ties with people who were once important to her. While they're suddenly heading for the worse after Raelynn confronts her ex-boyfriend and gets hurt, Ian immediately absconds from solidarity to come to the aid of their family.


In accession to his courage, he promises his sister to end the secret keeping and to be more open and honest with her.


WARNING: This book contains graphic content surrounding sensitive topics that readers may find triggering, including suicide, sexual violence, and other numerous forms of abuse and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Past, Present, Alternative: Nightfall

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