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You have chosen your choice. Now you have to deal with the consequences. Anything can happen.


In this sequel to ‘Past, Present, Alternative: Nightfall’, equity becomes far from obtainable for Ian and his younger sister, Raelynn, against their mother. Fallen victim to an unjust trial, his reliance on evidence and morality depletes almost entirely. That is until he gets back home after running an errand and discovers his house razed and Raelynn nowhere to be found.


Taken in by their aunt and eventually left with his sister’s phone as clear evidence of an abduction, he quickly discovers a sticky note with a list of addresses written on it, taped to the back of its protective case.


Forced to abide by a time limit with limited resources to reference to in search of her, he chooses to follow his only source of information, uncertain of where it will lead him.


WARNING: This book contains graphic content surrounding sensitive topics that readers may find triggering, including gun violence, and other numerous forms of abuse and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Past, Present, Alternative: Midnight

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