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‘“Yes, Cheryl?” I reply, barely opening my eyes. She opens her other hand in front of me, revealing something mini, about the size of a June bug, in her palm.”’


What would you do if you found this?


College senior, Bradley Carleslie—posterior to being the prime suspect of a knotty murder trial—finds himself being the detective of a particular case after his little sister hands him a flash drive she found.


Intending to give it back to his sister, he quickly locates its USB plug and connects it to his laptop to see if it’s still operative. It’s still in sharp shape, but its memory is not unused.


He begins to watch and view the arrays of videos and photos left on it, instantly growing more and more nauseous and emotional as he proceeds through the measureless amount of footage. But another problem arises, there’s no identifiable faces, only actions and voices. Eventually needing to delve deeper into the surroundings in the footages, he refuses to let it all slip from his grip, until he finds the people in them.


WARNING: This book contains graphic content surrounding sensitive topics that readers may find triggering, including sexual violence and other numerous forms of abuse and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Caliphate Ave.

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